The double standard of Christian supremacists

From the NYC-area Post Chronicle, we have a longish protest against Hindu prayer in the Senate that does a good job of exposing they double standard used by Christian supremacists:

It shows complete disrespect when a prayer is recited in the halls of our government that is not of the Christian faith. Granted, this hasn’t been the first time that a non-Christian prayer has been recited in the Senate (a Muslim prayer was offered in 1992), but nevertheless, respect should be given to the majority Christians who live in our country.

Did you catch that? Christian supremacists demand “respect” for their beliefs, and the only way we can show them that respect is to refuse to allow other religions to have the same access to the Senate podium that Christianity has. They don’t want equal respect or equal time or equal access. They want nothing less than a full and unquestioned monopoly on the public expression of religion–their religion.

Interestingly, this long screed was published, not in the Editorial/Opinion section of the Post Chronicle, but in the Religion section. What does that tell you about the PC?

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