Political predictions

Back in 2002, a lot of people (including Dick Cheney) who could have predicted some of the negative consequences of invading Iraq and overthrowing Saddam. Heck, I’m nobody special, and even I could predict that Bush’s little crusade would have the following results, among others:

  • The peace would be more difficult to win than the war
  • The President’s popularity would plummet
  • Republicans would lose the support of the middle-grounders, and consequently control of the government
  • Conservative Christianity, as exemplified by our godly President, would become more questionable in the eyes of the general public
  • Once embroiled in Iraq, the consequences of leaving would be bad enough that we would need to stay regardless of the drain on American lives and resources
  • Many Arabs would see America as more of an imperialist oppressor than a benign liberator
  • Fundamentalist Islamic groups would find it easier to recruit new members (and new insurgents/terrorists)

And so on. The war in Iraq has continually borne out my expectations, and I only wish I’d had this blog back then so I could have a record of how thoroughly predictible the current state of affairs was. But it’s not too late for my predictions for the rest of the war: Read the rest of this entry »