We don’t need no steenkin evidence.

“The God Fearin’ Fiddler” has posted a few attempts to rebut an atheist’s arguments against God, and I thought it might be fun to take a look at them.

[The atheist] made a statement that extraordinary claims require extra evidence to believe. He used an illustration (can’t remember his exact one but I’ll make up a similar one). If someone said ‘hey my brother got his tooth pulled last week’ … oh ok I’ll believe that… But if someone told me “hey my brother got his tooth knocked out by a unicorn who kicked him in the mouth.” well then I’d require some pretty hefty evidence to validate such a claim.

Sounds reasonable enough on the surface. I’m sure we all would need some extra evidence to believe in such things. The atheist used this line of logic to reject the resurrection of Christ. Let me note a few problems here.

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PZ in trouble again

There goes PZ Myers, getting himself in trouble with religious folks again.

And of course some people took umbrage at my rude dismissal of religion. Then it started getting more fun. People actually told me I should be gentler with people’s illusions as a way to win them towards my “side” … which I have to disagree with on principle. I don’t think I gain anything by lying to people about what I think, my “side” isn’t the one that is mired in delusions, and it’s not as if there’s a shortage of scientists who will happily and without qualification encourage people who try to use religious fol-de-rol to justify evolution, and vice versa.

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