New 3D computer analysis of Noah’s Ark site

An outfit called the “Satellite Imaging Corporation” has sent out a press release breathlessly announcing a new 3D Terrain Visualization for Mt. Ararat Anomaly [sic]. According to SIC, this could be a major breakthrough in the field of Biblical archeology.

This new 3D terrain model will provide researchers with an engaging new perspective, which could help to resolve an intense geopolitical and religious debate as to whether or not the anomaly could prove to be the remains of Noah’s Ark.


We already know that this is not Noah’s Ark. If you watch the video, you’ll see a broad, wind-eroded glacier with slightly concave depressions here and there and some random light and dark splotches on the surface. There’s nothing “anomalous” about the formation, and in fact it’s not even clear what the anomaly is supposed to be. The rounded glacier front? The light and dark patches on the surface? Read the rest of this entry »