The deathbed of Darwinism

In every disease, especially in a lingering one, there are times when life’s flickering embers glow with an unnatural brightness. Hence, it would not be a all surprising if a similar phenomenon were to be observed in the case of dying Darwinism; for it cannot be doubted that its disease is chronic. It has, in fact, been dying this long time. Certain indications render it very probable that we are at present witnessing such a phenomenon, for to-day we behold once more a few naturalists stepping before the public in defense of Darwinism… The reader may … decide for himself whether this treatise should not still bear the title, “At the Death-bed of Darwinism.”

The naturalist in question is the zoologist, Professor F. von Wagner. In the “Umschau” … he published an article, “Regarding the Present Status of Darwinism,” which is highly instructive and important in more respects than one.

We wish, in the first place, to call special attention to the following statements embodied in the article: “It is not to be denied that in serious professional circles the former enthusiasm has considerably decreased and a scepticism is gaining ground more and more, which betrays a widespread tendency towards revolutionizing current theories. The fin de siecle therefore, finds Darwinism not with the proud mien of a conqueror, but on the defensive against new antagonists.” And again: “It seems, in fact, as if Darwinism were about to enter a crisis, the outcome of which can scarcely be any longer a matter of doubt.”

A quote from At the Deathbed of Darwinism by E. Dennert. English translation copyright 1904.

(Hat tip to predelusional.)

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