A visit to the Manawatu Christian Apologetics Society

I notice the Manawatu (New Zealand) Christian Apologetics Society has a post entitled “What would it take for a Darwinist to change his mind?” Even though the post is just an announcement about a debate between Paul Nelson and Michael Ruse (at Biola, which is not in New Zealand), I thought it would be fun to drop by the comments box and leave an answer to the title question.

For a Darwinist to change his mind, all you need to do is give him verifiable evidence. Most of the quotes used by creationists come from discussions in which evolutionists examine the evidence and change their minds to fit the new evidence. This is how they arrive at views that “contradict” earlier conclusions. If they didn’t do that, where would creationists get their quotes?

The comment is flagged as “awaiting moderation.” Let’s see if they (a) ignore it, (b) delete it, or (c) try to respond to it.

Samson vs. Goliath (a preschool intro to Christian practice)

Chicago Tribune is reporting on a new line of Bible-oriented action figures.

There’s something for the testosterone-charged tot too: the mighty Samson and pumped Goliath (both 13 inches tall)…

“The idea [of Samson fighting Goliath] catches people’s attention,” Livingston said. “If they had fought, I’m sure Samson would beat up on Goliath.”

One Christian thinks this is a great idea.

One person who is sold on the line is Samantha Tetro, founder of Samantha’s Lil’ Bit of Heaven” ministry in East Northport, N.Y…

“There are so many negative, violent toys out there,” Tetro said. “These are great to play with or as teaching tools. The Moses doll gives the 10 Commandments.”

Get the whole set, so your kids can re-enact the killing of all the first-born children and the drowning of Pharoah’s entire army (great bath-time Christian fun!) instead of playing with all those negative, violent toys.

Science Avenger: Bethell vs Derbyshire

Science Avenger has some good stuff on Bethell vs Derbyshire:

The IDers have proposed the designer hypothesis, thus the onus is on them to devise falsifiable experiments to support that position. It has long been the position of scientists and philosophers who have examined the ID claims that no such experiments are possible, because the Designer could do anything at any time for any reason. This is why ID fails to qualify as science.

Have a look at the whole post, it’s a good one.

XFiles Friday: Stacking the deck (again)

As we continue our look at I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to Be an ATHEIST, authors Geisler and Turek continue setting the stage for their apologetic. They claim to hold all the winning cards, and you’d think they’d be eager to show their hand, but here we are on our sixth XFiles post, and up to page 22 in the book, and they’re still fiddling around trying to stack the deck in their own favor.

Most of the worlds major religions fall into one of these three religious world-views: theism, pantheism, and atheism.

A theist is someone who believes in a personal God who created the universe but is not part of the universe… Major theistic religions are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

By contrast, a pantheist is someone who believes in an impersonal God that literally is the universe… Major pantheistic religions are of the Eastern variety such as Hinduism, some forms of Buddhism, and many forms of the “New Age.”

An atheist, of course, is someone who does not believe in any type of God. Read the rest of this entry »