Bad news for the “family friendly”

Ed Brayton over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars has some really bad news for “pro-family” (code word for “anti-gay”) organizations like Dobson’s mob and the AFA: they’re all going to have to stop buying stuff. Seems that more and more big companies are realizing that hiring gays (and thus “advancing the pro-gay agenda”) is good business. A couple hundred of them got high scores and even perfect scores on a survey of gay-friendly hiring practices. Look for some major Christian boycotts to be announced soon, even if it does hit the boycotters harder than the boycottees:

[E]ating and drinking could be a bit difficult as well. No Coke or Pepsi, they both got 100. Nothing from Kraft or General Mills, which wipes out about half the products in the supermarket. No Budweiser. For crying out loud, even Coors, typically a friend to conservatives, has been corrupted by the forces of buggery and scores a perfect 100. And even that old American standy, Campbell Soups, got a 95.

If you haven’t already, be sure and stop by Ed’s blog for the full story.