Mormonism “truest form of Christianity”

The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting Mormonism is not only Christian, it’s the “truest form of Christianity”–according to the Mormon Church:

Not only is Mormonism a Christian faith, it is the truest form of Christianity, said speaker after speaker on the first day of the 177th Semiannual LDS General Conference.

LDS authorities were responding to the allegation that Mormonism isn’t part of Christianity. Made by different mainline Protestant and Catholic churches and repeated constantly during coverage of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, the claim is based on Mormonism’s beliefs about God, its rejection of ancient ideas about the Trinity still widely accepted, and the LDS Church’s extra-biblical scriptures.

“It is not our purpose to demean any person’s belief nor the doctrine of any religion,” said Apostle Jeffrey R. Holland in the afternoon session. “But if one says we are not Christians because we do not hold a fourth- or fifth-century view of the Godhead, then what of those first [Christians], many of whom were eye-witnesses of the living Christ, who did not hold such a view either?”

I guess by Lee Siegel’s definition, Apostle Holland’s beliefs must also be fact, since he created them. 😉

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