Archbishop of Canterbury “hits out” at Dawkins

Over in the UK, the Telegraph is reporting that Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is accusing Richard Dawkins of not being qualified to criticize Christianity.

He suggested that Prof Dawkins, the author of the best-selling The God Delusion and a leading Darwinist, was a good scientist but a poor philosopher.

“Our culture is one that deeply praises science, so we assume because someone is a good scientist, they must be a good philosopher,” he said in a lecture at Swansea University.

Christianity isn’t supposed to be merely a philosophy. It’s supposed to tell us the truth about a God who allegedly really exists and Who allegedly interacts with the real world in tangible, perceptible ways. It doesn’t take a PhD in philosophy for us to know whether God is actually showing up in the real world to participate in the intimate, two-way, personal relationship that the Bible says He was willing to die for. You don’t even need to be a scientist.  The Gospel describes God as a being who is willing and able to show up and interact with us, and all we have to do to give this notion a reality check is to see whether or not God actually shows up, literally, to interact with us.

2 Responses to “Archbishop of Canterbury “hits out” at Dawkins”

  1. ausyoyo Says:

    Dont you get sick of the “if you’re not a theologian you can not criticise theology” line. Well I’m not a chef but i know when a meal gives me food poisoning.

  2. The Professor Says:

    It’s one more evidence that God is not part of the real world. Do geologists go around saying that you have to be a geologist in order to know whether or not the earth exists?

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