False beliefs lead to bad consequences.

By a curious coincidence, the Manawatu Christian Apologetics Society has popped up in my Alerts email again, this time with a sly insinuation linking “social Darwinism” with the Finnish school shootings.

Do beliefs have implications? Many people argue in the negative. “His private life has no bearing on his ability to operate in the job”….But what about a person’s views on the deeper things in life, their worldview, their noetic structure? Can these things really have no effect on their actions?

Finnish school shooting: Student social Darwinist dies…

Notice the way this brief post insinuates that evolution is somehow responsible for the school shootings, without actually making any kind of rational argument that would establish a causative link. That’s because the argument is incredibly lame. It’s like saying that right-handedness is a source of moral corruption, because the shooter was right-handed, and even fired the gun with his right hand. All this argument needs to be complete is a reference to Hitler being right-handed as well.

There is one point with which I will agree, however. Beliefs do have implications that affect our behavior. That’s why it’s so important for Christians to stop spreading false beliefs about evolution, like the belief that evolution somehow justifies immoral behavior such as racism or murder. Obviously, the Finnish shooter was emotionally disturbed in some way and was not thinking clearly, so it’s hardly the case that he sat down with On the Origin of Species and decided that murder/suicide was the best way to promote his own chances of reproductive success. It is possible, however, that he bought into the Christian idea that the truth of evolution implies a world in which morality has no meaning.

We must never lose sight of the fact that it is Christians, and not evolutionists, who are hyping the idea that morality is somehow incompatible with the verifiable observations of evolutionary processes. Evolutionists have absolutely no problem embracing a decent and fairly conservative set of moral standards, based on the secular consequences of different types of behaviors. But Christians, driven by a need for self-justification, are poisoning our culture with the strange and perverted notion that genetics somehow invalidates morality. This is a false and harmful belief, and we need to expose it and oppose it.

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