The real wellsprings of relativism

Writing for Christianity Today, Chuck Colson documents the pervasive presence of postmodern relativism in evangelical churches. He gives the example of a woman leading a class for middle-school Christian “centurions”:

She was shocked when seven of the eight small-group leaders, supposedly mature Christians, balked at distinguishing Christianity as true and other religions as false.Joanne urged them to talk to their parents or pastors, believing these authority figures would straighten them out. The next day, they came back with their answers—and they were appalling. One teen’s pastor said that no one can be sure of truth, that “it’s all perspective.” Parents of the seven leaders agreed that their teens shouldn’t say that Christianity alone is true, because that could offend others. One girl had written a paper on “Why We Shouldn’t Hurt Others’ Feelings by Claiming Our Way Is Right.”

I thought this was particularly interesting since we’ve been reading Geisler and Turek’s book, I Don’t Have Enough FAITH to be an ATHEIST, in which they try to claim that relativism is something that non-Christians are trying to use to undermine Christian faith. The reality is that Christianity, which values subjective belief above objective verification, is fertile ground for relativism. What’s more, relativism offers Christians a tremendous advantage in today’s world: if everybody’s faith is valid, then theirs must be valid as well. Given God’s consistent and universal failure to show up in the real world, they have to take their validation where they can find it.

Here we are, hundreds of years later, unable to teach our kids how to defend Christian truth. Unable, or unwilling, because we worship at the altar of the bitch goddess of tolerance.

No Chuck, your bitch goddess is your own damn self-righteousness. You haven’t got a real-world basis for your faith, and there’s no objective standard you can be held to for doctrinal accuracy. A bunch of your fellow believers have recognized that they haven’t got a leg to stand on in terms of offering objective verification for the things they want to believe, and they’ve taken the next best way out. Get used to it. God’s not going to help you out of this one either.

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