Huckabee supports men abandoning their wives.

Yes, I know, but I couldn’t resist. According to this story in the Baptist Press,

Republican Mike Huckabee said Jan. 10 he stands by a Southern Baptist statement of faith about marriage…The issue was raised during the Republican South Carolina debate in reference to a 1998 full-page USA Today ad affirming an addition to the denomination’s Baptist Faith & Message that says, in part…

…based largely on Ephesians 5, … a husband “is to love his wife as Christ loved the church”…

The USA Today ad addressed Southern Baptists and said, “At a time when divorce is destroying the fabric of our society, you have taken a bold stand for the biblical principles of marriage and family life. We thank you for your courage.”

I find this ironic considering that the example set by Jesus is that his “bride,” the church, hasn’t seen him in almost 2,000 years. You do one really nice thing for your fiancée, a thing that will make it possible for you to be with her forever, and then wham, you’re outa here. And if your bride (the Church) happens to go to pieces in your absence, well, what did you expect? You never showed up when she needed you.

No, if you really love your spouse, the last thing you want to do is follow Jesus’s example.

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