Christian Apologetics Ministries and Straw Atheists

Anthony Horvath is at it again, inventing imaginary atheists he can use as straw men to ridicule. The occasion this time is the discovery of an ancient Hebrew temple seal, as documented by the Jerusalem Post. According to Mr. Horvath, this just goes to show that atheists are all wrong about the Bible.

This is just one more example out of dozens if not hundreds of such corroborations but it you perused the atheistic sites that are out there you’d find that they confidently and smugly assert that there is no truthfulness to the Christian Scriptures at all.

He then backs up this claim by linking to a skeptical discussion forum that includes comments such as these:

“That there was a first temple, that there was a Babilonian exile and that there was a return to Jerusalem, are well accepted historical facts.”

“Archaeologists have uncovered Troy. Troy was mentioned in The Iliad. The Iliad contains Zeus and other Greek gods. Why, then, don’t you believe the Greek gods exist?”

Mr. Horvath doesn’t really have a good answer for such comments, especially since his own claim (that atheist assert that everything mentioned in the Bible is false) is so patently ridiculous. So he contents himself with a snide, and substanceless dismissal, saying “This is what passes as rationality from out of the skeptic’s camp.”

He also insinuates that if you “do the math,” you’ll find out that Daniel predicted the exact time of Jesus arrival as Messiah, but regrettably he skips out of actually doing the calculations himself. Too bad, because I’ve looked at such calculations before (in my pre-blogging days) and they always turn out to contain inaccuracies, arbitrary selections of dates, and of course the inevitable arbitrary designation of what “a seven” refers to. It would have been fun (and fairly easy) to do this again, which might have something to do with why Mr. Horvath is reluctant to commit himself to any falsifiable claims.

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