Bad news, ladies

Kay Hymowitz has an article about the modern phenomenon of single young men remaining in a lingering adolescent bachelorhood, in contrast to men of the same age 50 years ago who more typically had a home, a wife, and a family. Today’s young woman seems to be accomplishing more, and showing greater maturity and responsibility, which kinda makes the males look bad. But Vox Day knows just what to do about the situation: blame women for the way young men behave when given freedom of choice.

There was no shortage of women who didn’t like it when men were responsible for everything. They wanted to vote, they wanted to work, they are demanding a turn to take the reins. Fine, says the modern young man, who has been subjected to 16 years of feminist propaganda that women are just as good – better, in fact – than men at pretty much everything. Not being given to whining and being largely practical, the young man is happy to leave the responsibility to the women who are demanding it. Who in their right mind would trade models, games and football for marriage to some controlling bitch who’s as likely to leave you as not?

The bad news, ladies, is that Mr. Day, sterling specimen of manhood, is married, and thus no longer available. Ouch, eh?