Retiring the Professor

I think it’s time to retire the Professor. It was a fun pseudonym back when this was a completely unknown and unread blog, but now that I’ve built up a little bit of readership, it seems a bit, I don’t know, ostentatious. I have therefore retired the Professor, and replaced him with Deacon Duncan, my new pseudo. This one’s just as fun, plus I have served as an officially elected deacon in a conservative evangelical denomination, so I actually have some legitimate claim on the title.

3 Responses to “Retiring the Professor”

  1. prazzie Says:

    Ok then. You should just be aware that this “Deacon Duncan” character looks a hell of a lot less attractive than “The Professor” in the mind’s eye. And he’s going to have a different accent, but as long as he continues to talk sense, I’ll listen.

  2. chigliakus Says:

    On my first visit your title of “The Professor” struck me as perhaps a bit pretentious, but I liked what you had to say. By now I think you’ve earned the title, but I guess Deacon Duncan may sit better with newcomers to the site.

    Also, I noticed the name change to Deacon Duncan was retroactive for all your old blog posts. Have you considered that some of your posts where you quote Horvath calling you “Herr Professor” are potentially confusing to newcomers now?

  3. PalMD Says:

    Will he stay on as “emeritus”?

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