XFiles Weekend: Apologetics is for believers

(Book: On Guard, by William Lane Craig. Chapter 1: “What is apologetics?”)

Last week, Dr. Craig gave us the first reason why apologetics is important: Christians need it in order to produce a culture whose fictional portrayal of religion makes people more likely to treat false religions as reasonable. Doesn’t seem to me like that makes Christianity look too good, but Hollywood fiction is where he located the cultural impact that needs to be made, and Hare Krishnas in a Hindu culture is the exemplar he offers for Christianity to follow. Moving right along, then, we come to reason number two why apologetics is important.

2. Strengthening believers. The benefits of apologetics in your personal Christian life are huge. Let me mention three.

First of all, knowing why you believe as well as what you believe will make you more confident in sharing your faith with others…

Second, apologetics can also help you to keep the faith in times of doubt and struggle. Emotions will carry you only so far, and then you’re going to need something more substantial…

Finally, the study of apologetics is going to make you a deeper and more interesting person.

Sounds like a sales pitch to me, but then again salesmanship is what apologetics is all about, n’est-ce pas?

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