Branching out

Well, the secret’s out: I’ve joined Freethought Blogs with a new blog called Alethian Worldview. It’s going to have a slightly different focus: generally shorter and more topical posts than ER. I’ll still keep ER going for the weekly XFiles feature though. And perhaps one or two more in-depth articles as well. But Alethian Worldview is going to be my main blog from here on out. Hope to see you there!


7 Responses to “Branching out”

  1. Hunt Says:

    Entirely off topic, but our old friend Vox Day is asking for volunteers for written debate on the topic whether there is more evidence for gods than not, if you’re interested.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah dude. We need you to participate in a Vox Day debate.

  3. Ray Percival Says:

    Any chance you could ask them to ditch the pop under ads? Please.

  4. NAL Says:

    Congratulations on your selection to FTB.

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