As some of you may have gleaned from last week’s post, I’ve more or less run out of steam here. I probably won’t be making any new posts for a while, and when I do start posting again, I expect it will be entirely through my Alethian Worldview blog. I’ve written a longer post over there, so if you’re interested, you can get the full details. But the bottom line is that there will be no new posts here for the foreseeable future. It’s been a pleasure having you all as readers, and my thanks and best wishes go out to all of you. Take care.

Moderation announcement

With apologies to all concerned, I have not been following the comments here too closely, and have neglected a long series of comments by David Roemer that seem to be simply a case of someone taking advantage of my blog in order to preach his own private opinions to a captive audience. I am therefore asking David to limit himself to comments that are specific and on-topic to the posts at this blog, and to reserve his preaching for his own blog (which you can get to by clicking on his name in the comments here).

As a precaution, I am adding David to the moderation list to ensure compliance. It is not my intention to deny him the opportunity to offer comments about the material I am posting here, and if he wishes to make any such comments, they will be approved. I have put a lot of time and effort into cultivating an audience here, however, and it is a misuse of my hard work for someone to come in and use the comments to preach to an audience they have not earned. As a courtesy to my readers, I am not going to allow such abuses to continue.

Thank you.

Branching out

Well, the secret’s out: I’ve joined Freethought Blogs with a new blog called Alethian Worldview. It’s going to have a slightly different focus: generally shorter and more topical posts than ER. I’ll still keep ER going for the weekly XFiles feature though. And perhaps one or two more in-depth articles as well. But Alethian Worldview is going to be my main blog from here on out. Hope to see you there!


Unplanned hiatus

I don’t usually bring my personal life into the blog, but in this case my absence caused a backlog of unapproved comments and generally interrupted the normal flow of discourse in the blog, so I thought a word of explanation was in order. I’ve been out of commission since the 28th of June following a trip to the ER and an unplanned surgery. I’ll spare you the gross details–I’m fine (though sore of course), the recovery is going well, the underlying problem is resolved. I’ll be home at least a week convalescing, but I’m under doctor’s orders NOT to be sedentary, so I’m going to have to limit my computer time relative to my usual habit of spending hours at a time bathed in the glow of the monitor.

I’ll be around though, don’t worry.

The Second Coming

Well, since Jesus didn’t make it back yesterday, I guess it’s up to us to take over.

Prepare for the Second Coming of Evangelical Realism. It’s back from the dead.

Retiring the Professor

I think it’s time to retire the Professor. It was a fun pseudonym back when this was a completely unknown and unread blog, but now that I’ve built up a little bit of readership, it seems a bit, I don’t know, ostentatious. I have therefore retired the Professor, and replaced him with Deacon Duncan, my new pseudo. This one’s just as fun, plus I have served as an officially elected deacon in a conservative evangelical denomination, so I actually have some legitimate claim on the title.

Winter break

I’m taking a few days off for the holidays, so enjoy the break and see you all next week sometime. And remember,

Axial tilt: it’s the REASON for the SEASONs.


Who is stalking whom?

Now this is interesting. Apparently Anthony Horvath has taken to following me around the Internet so that he can spread rumors that I’m a stalker (just because I comment on things I find on the Internet and respond to the things other people say about me).

I guess if you can’t address my evidence, you can at least try and assassinate my reputation behind my back. Christianity in action folks.

(Horvath’s comments are attached to this post, by the way.)

Updated: Unapologetic Encyclopedia

Just a quick note to say I’ve gone back and updated the Unapologetic Encyclopedia (the “Encyclopedia” link at the top of each blog page) with new entries covering some of my more recent posts.

I’d like this encyclopedia to include entries for all of the various apologetic arguments used to defend Christianity, so feel free to suggest topics that ought to be included.