Announcing the Leprechaun Challenge

Christianity has an undeniable flaw with an inescapable consequence: God does not show up in real life, and therefore men have no choice but to put their faith (gullibility) in their own superstitious fantasies. As a practical exercise that demonstrates this fact, I am happy to announce The Leprechaun Challenge.

I hereby challenge any and all Christian apologists to produce some means by which they can reliably know that the things they attribute to God are not merely the the result of magical pranks performed by invisible leprechauns. In the absence of any reliable Christian way of knowing, I propose a way of knowing that is reliable: truth is consistent with itself, and therefore we can reliably know the difference between what’s true and what isn’t by seeing what is consistent with itself and with the real world.

This can’t be hard, right? I mean, everyone knows that leprechauns aren’t real. Or are they? Read the rest of this entry »